About Alpha-1

Alpha-1, also known as genetic COPD, is a hereditary condition passed on from parents to children. This condition may result in serious lung and/or liver disease at various ages in life. Alpha-1 affects over 100,000 Americans, but only 5% of these patients have been diagnosed. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with COPD or lung disease,
please ask your doctor to be tested for Alpha-1.

The mission of Alpha-1 Village Foundation is to help Alpha’s dictate their terms to the disease and not have Alpha-1 dictate to us how we will live our lives. The Foundation is dedicated to increasing awareness of Alpha-1 in the public and medical domains, provide educational, counseling and physical support for patients and provide a Village Retreat for Alpha-1 sufferers and their caregivers.

We also host a Village Retreat, which is dedicated to providing the fundamentals needed to improve a patients lifestyle afflicted with Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. The Village Retreat gives patients the tools necessary to make lifestyle changes and reconnect with the essence of their health and strength.

For additional information about Alpha-1, visit alpha1.org